"You do excellent work and I'm happy to spread your name. Although, from how busy you are, it looks like everyone knows how good you are!"
J.M. (Bellaire)

"I have a client that wishes to have wallpaper installed in her foyer. You worked on my house years ago, and I remembered how detailed you were. I know you are busy, but I really want you to do the job because of my past experience with your work."
L. K. Interior Designer (Piney Point)

"Thank you for doing our wallpaper! It is lovely and I am very happy with it. I really appreciate you being flexible and working us in after the wallpaper shipping delays. "
M.A. (Rice Village)

"Julie , we enjoyed working with you and continue to enjoy your beautiful work every day in our dining room. We receive so many compliments on the grasscloth walls, and we always tell people why they look so good (YOU)! Thank you again!"
A.D. (The Heights)

"This really shows your skills... In over 40 years of doing interiors, I believe you may be the most skilled of anyone I have worked with... My Frenchman was very good BUT - you're better."
J.K. Interior Designer (Washington D.C.)

"Hi Julie. Just wanted to thank you for the absolutely beautiful work you did in our bedroom with grasscloth. The room looks better than I ever dreamed of, and you are by far the most courteous, professional, and meticulous person who has ever done work in our home. You are AMAZING!"
D.S. (Sugarland)

"The dining room looks awesome! Thanks so much. Can't wait for your magic in our powder room."
A.O. (Montrose)

"Hi Julie, I love my bathroom. You did a fantastic job."
A.M. (Montrose)

“Julie, Thanks for the great job that you did Tuesday. I love the new look in the kitchen.”
D.H. (Crosby, Texas)

“Thanks. You did a great job with the map.”
A. M. (Montrose)

“You did a wonderful, wonderful job. I am just so pleased with it. Thank you for your hard work and congratulations for a job well done. The interior designer is really pleased. I’ve had other installers who did not call me back, or who tried to charge for coming to this neighborhood. We’re really happy with the Wallpaper Lady and her work and commitment.”
B. S. (Sugarland / Greatwood)

“Dear Julie,
Thank you for doing a beautiful installation.”
G. M. (River Oaks)

"Thanks again for the great job in the baby's room! We really love it!!!"
A. G. (Cottage Grove)

“I never realized how much work goes into getting the walls ready even before the paper goes up…I can see why people call you a perfectionist.”
K. H. (Montrose)

“YOU ARE THE BOMB! Thanks for your email and the information. Anyone claiming to be "The" Wallpaper Lady must know what she's doing!! I look forward to meeting and working with you in the near future”
K. G.

"The faux stone wallpaper behind our wine display turned out fabulous! That’s why I wanted a professional…. My handyman said he could put up the paper, but I wanted someone who really knows the details of how to do it right. Julie, I am thrilled - you made it look great.”
A. (Montrose)

"Just a note to thank you again for the absolutely splendid job you did installing our grasscloth wallcovering. Your obvious skill, professionalism (and sense of fun!) were all in evidence during this project.

"Thank you again for the great job you did on our world map - we’re really pleased with the results.  You did an amazing clean up also."

"Nice job, Julie!! - in several respects.  Great quality of work (virtually seamless) and nice having you around, working with you.  Hall bathroom looks absolutely fantastic."